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Blessing of the "Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche"




Some Videos of Mass and Blessing

Bishop's Entrance Cantor Glory
Procession to Shrine Shrine Blessing First Pilgrimage
Exit - La Leche Hymn   Outdoor Procession


Homily - Bishop Felipe Estevez   Gratitude - Fr. Sebastian K. George


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St. Madeleine Parish Volunteers  greeted and directed all our guests starting in the parking lot as well as at the Church, Shrine and Family Life Center;

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The Choir was prepared with a wonderful selection of songs including "Our Lady of La Leche" composed by Choir Director Scott Smolenski especially for this Dedication Day.

    <<<... Slide show with Filomena's Solo

Mass was attended by many visiting clergy and led by Bishop Felipe Estevez. The Church accommodated an overflow attendance.

   <<<... Blessing Slide Show including the
"Our Lady of La Leche" song.

Opened to the public for the first time this December 5, 2015 - Bishop Estevez Blessed and Dedicated the Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche. Afterwards, he led the first group in pilgrimage from the Church to the Shrine.

   <<<... Slide Show - End of Day

At the end of the day, guests enjoyed a fiesta of refreshments provided by the many service organizations of St. Madeleine Parish.



Preparation for this Blessing Day

Shrine Coming to Our Parish !   SPECIAL New  Music Composition  Devoted to Our Lady of La Leche   Mass & Dedication of the Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche
December 5, 2015   by Scott Smolenski   December 5th 2015  4:00 PM

Santa Fe Lady of La Leche


  Scott gave us a preview.

Scott Smolenski

Devotion to be sung at Shrine Dec. 5th

  Lady of La Leche Invitation