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"RISE UP"  Visits St Madeleine Catholic Church   9-18-17   Planning Meeting   VBS  2017


Christmas Midnight Mass 1-7-17 Christmas Party Slide Show 1-7-17 Christmas Party Children's Choir Video


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  Confirmation 5/24/16   Carmelites of Mary Immaculate - 7/7/16

Finished Retreat with Mass

  Pilgrimage of Mercy

May 14 - 19,  2016

Seminarians Visit



5/16/16   Click dove for Confirmation Page   Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche   Sing-A-Long
Violin Fun
Violin Solo
Witness Talk


Santa Fe College - Catholic Saints Club Listening Session 10/10/16
With Bishop Estevez
Click on crest Youth Conference July 2016
Catholic Saints at Santa Fe College

Dedication of Shrine  10/11/16

Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche


Youth Group Conference


Mother Superior = Reverend Mother
Priest = Father or Reverend
Monsignor = Monsignor or Reverend Monsignor
Archbishop & Bishop = Your Excellency   or   Your Grace   or  The Most Reverend
Cardinal = Your Eminence or Most Eminent Cardinal 
Patriarch = Your Beatitude
Pope = Your Holiness or (Most) Holy Father


University of Florida   PET TEAM
University of Florida - Gainesville college students from Catholic Gators called the Parish Evangelization Team (PET for short). The theme of the retreat was “Jesus, I Trust in You” and was a day full of talks, food, games, small groups, praise and worship, and so much more! It started at 10am and ended with the vigil Mass at 5pm.

Thank you Father David

Thank you Sister Ana

Thank you Natalie, Anna, Stephanie, Chelsea, Devan, Michael, Elizabeth.

Special Thanks For Your Witness:

Margaret and Gianna.


Men of St. Joseph Selling Meatballs after Mass

Feast Our Lady of Guadalupe 2016

The Men of St. Joseph have your Christmas Party needs covered! After all Masses Sunday December 11th they are selling cooked Meatballs ready to be taken to your office party, or family get-together. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to support this group. They will be offering a 1 Quart container, 9 meatballs w/ red sauce, for $8. All proceeds will benefit the Faith and Vision Campaign for the Church.


Parish Picnic at Blue Springs 9-11-16

Vacation Bible School Renew Marriage Vows Ministry / Retreats 2016


REVERSE DRAW GALA  10/22/16   Procession To Grotto after Mass


Corpus Christi


Shrine of "Our Lady of La Leche"
Open Now on Campus of
Saint Madeleine Catholic Church
in High Springs Fl.

Celebration Mass

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Blessing of Pets 10/3/2105 Special Events Sanctity of Life Book Club C.U.F.

Catholics United for the Faith


Tuesday Evening Mass

Santa Fe Shrine of

Our Lady of La Leche


Opening Door to
Jubilee Year of Mercy

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Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche

First Nuptial Blessing at Shrine - 1/19/16

Congratulations Margaret and Jeffrey




Prayer for Religious Liberty


Midnight Mass Christmas 2015


Parish Christmas Party 1/9/2016
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Jubilee for Pilgrimage
During Year of Mercy
Sunday January 17th, 2016
Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche






A Humorous Description of a Serious Predicament

Three priests got together discussing the problem of BATS returning to their churches' bell towers every Spring. The first priest offered his idea of screens over all openings. This failed as bats broke through screens. The second priest failed in SMOKING them out of bell tower because the bats returned after the smoke dissipated.  Only the third priest succeeded in getting rid of the bats. The idea came from a sad situation among many Catholics. Sad but true. The third priest Baptized the bats. The bats left the tower and never returned.

The question is: "After educating children and giving them the Sacraments how do we encourage them to make the Catholic Community a frequent and important part of their lives?"  - NOT to make the Church relevant to modern society but to make modern society relevant to the Church.