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Santa Fe College is in Gainesville Florida ..... about 20 minutes from St. Madeleine Catholic Church

The St. Augustine Catholic Student Center has branched to Santa Fe College! It's the same prayer, worship, and community you've always loved, now at one more location. Here at Catholic Saints we strive to not only to be an example to lead, but also a welcoming community to all students who wish to be a part of our community. Being part of the St. Augustine Catholic Student Center we have long and strong ties with Catholic Gators @ The University of Florida and with their help... and the help of our Heavenly Father expect to host events together at our campus, at the church or at the Student Center. Some of those events include; mass on the grass, bible studies, Newman dinners, and many more. So, come join us and tell your friends because itís what all the cool kids are doing. My name is Kevin Mora and from all of us here at Catholic Saints, God Bless!


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Mass On The Grass Santa Fe College -

 Gainesville, Fl. - 11/16/16
Video - Full Mass Slide Show - Catholic Saints Club Participants




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