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Learning Love and Wisdom from the Holy Bible


Faithful and Obedient to Our Holy Father

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Catholic Gators from University of Florida at St Madeleine's for the day.

Speaking on FAITH to students 7th grade through high school.



Thank you Father David

Thank you Sister Ana

Thank you Natalie, Anna, Stephanie, Chelsea, Devan, Michael, Elizabeth.

Special Thanks For Your Witness:

Margaret and Gianna.




10:00am Arrival/Mingling
10:30am Prayer/Intro/Icebreaker
10:55am Praise and Worship
11:15am Introduction to Theme
Learning to trust in God. What graces are you seeking on this retreat? What are you asking of God?
11:25am Witness Talk #1
Conversion story/Encounter based around learning to trust God
11:45am Small Groups
12:05pm Lunch
12:40pm Praise and Worship

1:00pm Trust Walk
1:15pm Ignatian Prayer
1:35pm Small Groups
1:55pm Free Time
2:45pm Witness #2
Practical advice on how to maintain your faith and trust in the Lord
3:05pm Small Groups
3:30pm Adoration
4:30pm Closing
Large group talk/reflection and evaluation
5:00pm Mass


Group Song 1   Group Song 2
Group Song 3   Prayer
Tuna Fish Challenge   Cream Cheese Challenge
Jelly Donut Challenge   Beginning  Prayer
Prayer Before Music   Encouraged to Sing
Song 2a   Adoration Song
Adoration Song 2   Adoration Song 3
Adoration Song 4   Catholic Gators Talk Faith - Slide Show


Saturday Evening at the Webster Home / Farm / Zoo


Sunday Morning Most of Catholic Gators sat in on some of Deacon Zmuda's  RCIA Class. The went to Family Life Center to Observe Religious Education Classes. Saturday After Adoration, Some Remained at Shrine for Rosary.
This Rosary Was Lead by Catholic Gator Margaret






Original Invitation

Woohoo!   The Catholic Gators are coming!!! All youth, 7th graders through high school seniors are enthusiastically invited to spend the day November 5th 10am-5pm with our Catholic GATORS. Of course everyone is also welcome to attend the 5pm Mass. Please, encourage your teen to participate. RSVP replies to this email are deeply appreciated.
Here is a copy of their invitation:

My name is Anna Gugliemino, and Iím the campus ministry assistant for the Catholic Gators at the University of Florida. I wanted to write to invite all of the middle and high school youth at St. Madeleineís to come out on November 5th for a day-long retreat hosted by a group of college students from Catholic Gators called the Parish Evangelization Team (PET for short). The theme of the retreat is ďJesus, I Trust in YouĒ and itís going to be a day full of talks, food, games, small groups, praise and worship, and so much more! It starts at 10am and ends with the vigil Mass at 5pm.
Some of you might already be hooked and ready to show up, and thatís awesome! But for those of you that arenít, I genuinely encourage you to come! This day will be an amazing chance to explore your faith, find answers for your questions, and see that you really can be Catholic in a world thatís constantly telling us otherwise. And at the very least, itís a day-long excuse to not think about school!
We would love the chance to get to know each and every one of you, and I hope that we will see you there! Weíre praying for you already!

God bless,

The Parish Evangelization Team"

With the joy of Christ Jesus,
Sussette Webster