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Sussette Webster

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2 year program

Grades Eight  and Nine



Hello parents of Confirmation class 2015! J

I am more and more excited as the day of their Confirmation approaches. I hope they are as well.  

Over the next several weeks these young people have a few things that need doing; Their Letter to the Bishop(due by the end of January), Their Saintís Name Paper (due by the end of February), and Their Sponsor Contact Information- name, address, email, and phone (due by the end of January). I also need a NEW copy of their Baptismal Certificate from their Church of Baptism(due by the end of February). I have attached the forms I gave to your child in class over the last couple of weeks and the form I will be sending to their chosen sponsors. If anyone needs any help with any of these things or if you have any questions at all please call, text, or email me anytime.  

With the joy of Christ Jesus,  Sussette Webster A.R.E.


Confirmation Name Letter to Bishop Confirmation Sponsor




Hello Parents and those young adults preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this school year,

I am excited to be a part of this class and wanted to introduce myself. I have been teaching religious education for 12 out of the last 15 years. Most of those years have been either first or second year Confirmation. I love sharing our beautiful exciting faith. I teach several classes for RCIA each year and I teach the Baptism preparedness class for parents, godparents, and, when appropriate, the child preparing to receive Baptism. I also lead St. Madeleine's Faith Camp each summer and SHEAF Homeschool Group. I am involved with Youth Group having lead a group of teens to this yearís Steubenville Catholic Teen Conference. I will be co-teaching this class with my very good friend Mrs. Kim Goodman. I look forward to getting to know each of you and helping to guide you along your faith journey.

In order to have the best possible year I would like to share my class expectations. As I mentioned I love sharing my faith, I do not believe the best way to do that is to treat religious education as I would a math or english class. What does that look like, interruptions. If for instance while we are reading our lesson, if any of you have a thought or question I want to hear it. Whispering to classmates is unnecessary because your thoughts matter to me. I want to hear them, too. Of course these comments should in someway pertain to what we are learning or something about the Faith, God, Church teaching, morality or a personal experience. Often while studying Scripture or the teachings of the Church the Holy Spirit will bring to mind other things we need to think about, do, or know. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ask your questions, or ask for prayer.

Each class should begin with the lighting of our class candle and prayer. Part of our prayer time will include a Prayer of the Faithful type opportunity where each of us may request we pray for a specific intention. It is expected that ALL prayer requests and other personal sharing from fellow students remain private and are not to be shared or gossiped about to anyone. Regarding my prayer requests or ANYTHING else I discuss in class, you are all free and encouraged to discuss them with your parents or family. I will also provide all of you, students and parents, with my email and textable cell phone number. If you have any questions, concerns, or personal prayer requests I am always available to listen, to pray with you, and/or if requested to help guide you toward what is good, right, and holy. No question is ever silly or not worth finding the answer. 
Parents: you are welcome to sit in on any class.
In closing, bring your enthusiasm, bring your joys and sorrows, bring your openness to learn about God and His unimaginable love for YOU. May God bless this class with a heroic faith and may we grow as brothers and sisters in Christ.

With the love and joy of Christ Jesus,

Sussette Webster