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(YOUTH) Religious Education Office

Sussette Denoncour Webster


   Religious Education 2014 School Year begins August 17th.


Welcome back to all the children and parents from last year.  For those that are new or returning to St. Madeleine, we welcome you to our church family.

I would also like to welcome back last year's teachers: Robert Brown, Angela Medyk, Filomena Smolenski, Lori Watson and  Sussette Webster.  

When you come to class, please help me in welcoming our new teachers:  Mary Alleman, Kim Goodman, Amy Roberson, Bob Roberson, Sharon Robinson and Elaine Zapata. 

This year will be an exciting year for St. Madeleine's Religious education program. Not only do we have more teachers, we will be going digital - at least in our communications with teachers and parents. This concept serves a twofold purpose. 

First, it will streamline communications between myself and the teachers and between teachers and parents, freeing up a lot of time for myself and the teachers so that we can attend to the matter of teaching instead of paperwork.  The newsletter requested by many, will be on line for all to view, download or print and they will be archived, so you can go back to a copy if you want to re-read it.  Teachers can post a message to all parents of their class, and parents can respond.  Any necessary forms for outings will also be on line for parents to download.

Second, this will save the parish from having to spend resources on printing and mailing for the Religious Education Program. 

Another new concept being introduced to our Religious Education program is a Religious Education Social.  There will be six Sundays throughout the year where all the youth of our parish (home schoolers, youth group, Catholic school children and of course all that are part of the religious education program) gather together in the Family Life Center to create a special project. The concept of the projects will be to learn something new about our Faith while making a corresponding project. This is not considered extra, but part of the religious education program.  By the same token, it will be a nice deviation from sitting in a classroom and a time to gather with the other youth of our parish.  We are hoping that parents will bring in goodies for the children as well as stay to assist with the projects.

This year brings new and exciting concepts to our Religious Education Program and I am looking forward to a great school year!