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(Church and Parents)


900 - Value Sought: Open communication among all with a vested interest in religious education programs.
900 -  Parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, parents will be informed of all activities of the religious education program that affect their children.
901 -  All parish religious education programs should provide opportunities for parents/guardians to become acquainted and involved with the religious education program.
                                                                                                                           		                 ---Diocese of St. Augustine Parish Religious Education Policies

To achieve this GOAL from the Diocese of St. Augustine, the Religious Education Program will schedule periodic meetings for parents. Time will be provided for an update of activities and a question period with a leader.  Please see calendar on Religious Education Page for time and dates for these short meetings.

“In places where widespread unbelief or invasive secularism makes real religious growth practically impossible, ‘the church of the home’ remains the one place where children and young people can receive an authentic catechesis. Thus there cannot be too great an effort on the part of Christian parents to prepare for this ministry of being their own children’s catechists and to carry it out with tireless zeal”  -- SAINT John Paul.


In order to further fulfill the Church’s responsibility to assist parents as the primary educators of the Faith of their children, the Religious education office has begun to accumulate an assortment of extracurricular activities, games, videos, and other materials. These may be viewed and some may be “borrowed” by parents/guardians to assist them in giving their children an authentic Catholic education through the use of fun, educational, and heartwarming materials. The textbooks used in the classrooms are also available for parents to view. Deacon Henry Zmuda and/or Mrs. Sussette Webster should also be available to answer any questions that may arise. The times available for these opportunities are either during the Religious Education class hour or by appointment. If there are other suggestions for ways to assist parents in their role as primary educators of their child’s faith formation, please contact Mrs. Webster at


404.2  - Excessive absences need to be addressed in a written policy by the parish. Procedures need to be in place to assist families in making up missed classes and assignments so as to meet the diocesan curriculum standards.

404.3  - Excessive absences would be 5 class hours or more in any given year or more than 2 class hours in a sacramental year. This is exclusive of immediate preparation classes for sacraments.

                                 ---Diocese of St. Augustine Parish Religious Education Policies

                                                   Should the need arise please contact Mrs. Webster at


600  -  Parishes will follow the Sacramental Policies for the Reception of the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation by School-Aged Children in the Diocese of St. Augustine approved by Bishop Victor Galeone on January 22, 2010.
601  -  Each of these sacraments will be celebrated only with those who have been properly prepared, who are actively involved in the parish preparation process, and who freely choose to receive them. (Canon 913 #1)

                                                                                                                  ---Diocese of St. Augustine Parish Religious Education Policies





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