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St. Madeleine Catholic Church Choir



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Below are some songs including Scott's Original Composition "Our Lady of La Leche"

At this time, we believe this to be the only song dedicated to Our Lady of La Leche.

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Magnificat        Glory        Christ Be our Light         Ave Maria        Lamb of God

Piano asst.        Cantor        Immaculate Mary         Amen           Piano1

Statement of Faith        Hallelujah        Piano3         The Glory

Lady of La Leche        Santa Maria

Cry of the Lord        Sing to the Lord        Eat This Bread        Prince of Peace        Sing

Amen 12-13-15      Born      Communion      Glory 12-13-15      Joy/Gladness

Ready Way of Lord       Violin Solo :-)

Mass of  12-20-15

song 1       song 2        song 3        song 4      song 5       song 6

Mass of  1-3-16

Alleluia    Eat This Bread    Hark    Holy    Kiere     Response    SV1     V Child is this     We 3 Kings

Mass of 1/10/16

see Christmas Party Page

Mass of 1/31/16

S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   S7   S8   S9     cantor   communion


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