Catholic Education at St. Madeleine Catholic Church  


Grades K through Confirmation

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High Springs, Fl.

  Rite of Christian  Initiation For Adults
Learning love & wisdom from the Holy Bible       Faithful and Obedient to Our Holy Father


"410  -  Parents are to be actively involved in the religious education of their children.. 
They will be invited, consulted and informed of all major activities involving their children. (Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2225-2226)"
                                                                                                                                            ---Diocese of St. Augustine Parish Religious Education Policies


Woohoo! The Catholic Gators are coming!!! All youth, 7th graders through high school seniors are enthusiastically invited to spend the day November 5th 10am-5pm with our Catholic GATORS. Of course everyone is also welcome to attend the 5pm Mass. Please, encourage your teen to participate. RSVP replies to this email are deeply appreciated.

Here is a Page Showing Their Visit.:

Our mission is to bring Christ to the campus community and the community to Christ.
Catholic Gators is the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Florida.



Protecting God's Children First Day Religious Education 2016 Grades  K thru Confirmation
First Class Taught at St. Madeleine Catholic Church - High Springs, Fl.



Kindergarten & Grade 1

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Grades  4 & 5

Grade 6

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First Communion




1st year Confirmation


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Teacher Emily Welz

Margaret McQuatters

Amy Sweeney Stephen Hart

Yvonne Hart

Aubrey Webster
Jaggar Lessard
Theresa Cuesta
Robbin Garcia
   Jeff Connelly

Catherine Huber

Frances Pelletier
Sharon Robinson

Larry Garcia



Relationships of Church and Parents


Additional Information for Parents

Religious Education   Religious Education Calendar Family Life Center Administrator of Religious Education
Room 4  ( Office ) 2016 - 2017  Parish Grounds Note to Confirmation Parents
Sussette Denoncour Webster Diagrams 1/18/2015


Forms for Download


  Religious Education Registration Form   Teachers Tool Box
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A Note From The Diocese


When yon bring your child to religious education, the diocese has requested that a parent sign their child in, and when you pick up your child, that you sign your child out

There are special sheets for parents to sign in and out placed according to grades on a table just past the doors that lead to the back grassy area.

The diocese requests that this is done every week. A parent needs to do this, not the child.

I know this seems like an inconvenience, but it is for the safety of our children.

From time to time, the table with the sign in sheets may contain information for parents to take home.


Diocese of St. Augustine Mission Statement

“We, the Body of Christ of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Augustine, strive to know, love and serve God in our world through the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”


Classes are held in the Family Life Center (Behind Church) CONTACT INFORMATION


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Kim Goodman 386-365-5035
Youth Religious Education Sussette Webster 561-706-9076
HOME-SCHOOL Support Sussette Webster 561-706-9076


Holy Eucharist Etiquette -   Confirmation - Why?
A Refresher Course   A Refresher Course
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May 3, 2015  --  First Communion Day   May 24, 2015 Confirmation
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St Madeleine Catholic Church was well represented at Faith Formation Conference Students in Faith Formation Class remember the Saints and our departed friends and family.


Vacation Bible School 2014 PICTURES

Registration Day Pictures First Day of Classes 2014 First Day of Classes 2015 1st year Confirmation Class Class Project
1st Communion
& Confirmation
Christmas 2015 Caroling